Philips InRange Bluetooth Smart Leash

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  • Never lose your valuables with the audible alarm
  • Locate your phone, keys, wallet, bags or other items
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Ultra-thin and portable
  • Attaches to your valuables with pouch and metallic lock
  • Free companion app
  • Supports Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices

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Never lose your valuables with the audible alarm

There is nothing worse than losing your phone. One minute you are surfing the web and checking email and then you get up to walk away only to realise you have left your phone, but have no idea where. Prevent this scenario from ever happening again with the super useful Philips InRange.

The Philips InRange can also take care of your other valuables, so you can be rest assured your precious items are nearby.

Once you have paired the Philips InRange accessory with your mobile phone, an alarm will sound from the phone and the Philips InRange if you stray too far away or your phone is moved away from you without permission. The distance the alarm sounds can be set in the free companion app for complete customisation.


Locate your phone, keys, wallet, bags or other items?

The alarm can also be used to inform you if your keys, bags, wallets, purses or other valuable items are too far away. Simply attach the Philips InRange accessory to your chosen item and hear the alarm trigger from your phone and the InRange if they stray too far, allowing you to locate your property by following the beeping sound it creates.


Bluetooth wireless technology

Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, the Philips InRange uses Bluetooth technology to provide a totally wireless method of communication. No messy wires, simply wire-free peace of mind.


Ultra-thin and portable

With its ultra-thin, lightweight compact design, the Philips InRange is perfectly portable – attaching to your keys using the featured keyring attachment hole or for placing in your pocket or bag.


Attaches to your valuables with pouch and metallic lock

The included pouch allows you to store your Philips InRange to the item you wish to monitor. With its built-in metallic lock, you can attach your InRange safely and securely.


Free companion app

The free downloadable InRange app available from the Apple App Store includes everything you need to use Philip's Bluetooth Smart Leash. Customise the alarm sound, pair additional InRange accessories and adjust the distance at which the alarm will sound.


Supports Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices

Supporting a wide range of iPhone, iPad and the latest iPod Touch device – the Philips InRange will ensure your valuables are close by when you need them most.

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