Invasion Sleeved Cable Premium 4 IN 1 – (Black/Green & Black/Grey & Black/Red & White)


  • ​▶️ High Current Alloy Terminals
    High Current Alloy Terminals are used on the connectors of the LUXCORD Extension Cables to provide stable connections and minimize the efficiency drop of modular connections.
  • ▶️ Pure Copper Strand Cables
    With a thickness of up to 18AWG, pure copper strand cables are used for the extension cables to reduce the resistance while increasing the efficiency. An upgraded sleeving process allows thicker cable strands while maintaining the diameter of the cables.
  • ​▶️ Heatshrink-less Ultra-Dense Sleeving
    A heatshrink-less sleeving process provides the premium quality of the LUXCORD Extension Cables, assuring best quality sleeving and avoiding accidentally pulling off the sleeves. The LUXCORD Extension Cables feature Ultra-Dense Sleeving, through a unique weave to permanently and tightly bind the sleeve to the cable. Ultra-flexible cables are used to extend the lifetime and durability of the cables to support cable management even on tight corners and areas of the case.
  • ▶️ Rubber Cable Combs
    For optimized cable management, the LUXCORD Extension Cable Kit comes with rubber cable combs. The rubber cable combs will keep the look of the extension cables clean while preventing damage to the sleeves. The combs can be cut into different sizes to perfectly match the requirements.
  • ▶️ Precision Molded Connectors
    All connectors of the LUXCORD Extension Cables are precision crafted to comply with all power supply units. This makes worrying about compatibility with power supplies obsolete and assures the LUXCORD Extension Cable Kit is always the right choice.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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