Honor Weight Scale 2 HON-P0065 White


  • Weight, body mass index, body fat rate, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, FFM (lean mass), BMR, body water rate, protein, bone mass, body type, body score, and physical age.
  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry is adopted on the HONOR 2 scale, which is an accepted method for measuring body compositions in the medical field.
  • Equipped with high precision anti-interference chip to accurately detect every bodyweight change by just 1.1 lb; unit conversions between Jin (= 1/2 kilogram),
  • Kilogram and Pound are available. Measure the heart rate during weighing and records the change in heart rate in the rest state.
  • Compared to the body data of the crowd at the same age, giving you proper tips for losing fat, exercise, and life habit, HUAWEI Sports & Health app offers numerous sports courses to help you stay healthy and lean.
  • A scale can store up to 50 user body data and can recognize each family member according to history; the scale can also store up to 200 pieces of data even without being connected to the app.

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